About Matt

Matthew May Photography is a two person team of Matt and Suzanne. About Matt…


It is hard to describe yourself, but here is my attempt:

I’m a left-handed person in a right-handed world, which is my way of saying I’m different. I’m more interested in the arts than the sports (somehow my sister got the sports gene). I’m an artistic geek, meaning I naturally gravitate to the intersection of most anything that is both technology and art. For example, musically, I’ve both performed as a musician (the artist) and produced albums as a recording engineer (the geek). I’ve always loved the art of aviation (flying is an art), so I became a pilot (the geek). I love to travel internationally, and not the cozy “mint-on-pillow” travel, but the live-out-of-a-backpack type of “National Geographic” photo-adventure travel. And since I was about 10, I’ve been involved with photography. Not surprisingly, when the photo industry went digital, the geek in me jumped in even more than usual since these days, photography is a powerful blend of art and technology. Perfect!

So when my friends, who liked my travel photography, asked me to shoot their wedding in Italy (they knew I wouldn’t even blink at the idea), I grabbed my backpack and camera and headed over. Before I knew it, I was shooting more and more weddings which unearthed incredible and unexpectedly rewarding experiences – for both me and the couples. For the couples, they were thrilled with the photographs. For me, the honor of capturing such an important event, plus realizing how happy I’ve made them and their families, has been far more gratifying than I ever anticipated. The artistic geek in me found a home!

So that is me, and a little of why I do what I do.

Be sure to visit the main web site at www.matthewmayphotography.com, or drop me an email at matt@matthewmayphotography.com.

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